Formerly Padberg, Corrigan & Appelbaum

Active Cases

  • A person who suffered a head injury during an auto accident caused by a police car that violated procedures by responding to an emergency without the use of sirens.
  • The surviving family in a wrongful death case against a hospital for a nurse who did not follow proper procedures when removing a central line. (Never Event: air embolism)
  • A woman against the surgeon and surgical team who left an instrument in her during an abdominal surgery, causing prolonged pain and requiring additional surgery.
  • A man whose chiropractor adjusted his neck too forcefully, causing a tear in a vertebral artery and the man to have a stroke.
  • A victim of a Boy Scouts child sexual assault case. Although the Boy Scouts of America have declared bankruptcy, we continue to represent our client and pursue the case through the bankruptcy process.
  • A minor who was sexually abused by a teacher. The case is on appeal.
  • A patient against a hospital that negligently delayed his transfer to a higher level hospital, causing him to lose his leg.
  • A construction worker who was injured when his supervisor instructed him to perform a dangerous task. The case is on appeal.