Formerly Padberg, Corrigan & Appelbaum

Notable Cases

$310,000 Settlement

For a man who sustained back and shoulder injuries as a result of slipping on a dangerous surface in a Phelps County restaurant.

$300,000 Settlement

For the parents of a three month old infant who died due to the negligence of a day care provider. A daycare provider placed a three-month old infant on a sofa and then left her unattended for at least 30 minutes. While unattended on the soft, unsecured surface the infant rolled onto her stomach and suffocated. On the day of the infant’s death, the daycare provider also violated Missouri law by having too many children in her care.

$300,000 Settlement

For a patient who acquired bed sores while under the care of a nursing home.

$300,000 Verdict

For a woman who became injured after falling at a gas station.

$275,000 Settlement

For a woman who fractured her femur when a deck collapsed on a property she was renting. The settlement against her landlord will help with medical expenses and other damages.

$237,000 Settlement

For a workers’ compensation claim.

$180,000 Settlement

In a workers’ compensation claim for hand and back injuries.

$150,000 Settlement

For a man who was permanently and totally disabled from work-related back injuries.

$120,000 Verdict

For a young girl who was injured by a ground pulverizer negligently parked on the defendant’s property. The St. Louis County jury found ABC Ball Park to be 100 percent at fault and awarded the young girl $120,000 for her suffering.

$65,000 Settlement

For a St. Genevieve, Missouri man who injured his back at work, resulting in back surgery.