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St. Louis Iron Workers Local 396 Attorneys

Ironworkers represent the backbone of the American building industry. Every high-rise building, bridge and highway, from the St. Louis Arch to our schools, have their fingerprints on it. Equally as impressive as the structures they erect are the men and women who make up the iron workers union. They endure extreme temperatures, working with large steel beams that are sizzling hot in the summer and will stick to you in the winter. They walk across 8” wide beams, 400 feet in the air in 30 mph winds. Ironworkers are tough, but they are also big on personality, loyalty and fun.

The Padberg Appelbaum Knepper law firm is proud to have represented and supported members of the Iron Workers Local 396 since the early 1960’s. It started as a friendship between the firm’s founder, Godfrey P. Padberg, and Local 396 member, Joseph “Buck” LaMantia. That friendship has transcended generations and today, we continue to handle union member’s auto accident, workers’ compensation, and other types of personal injury cases.

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Notable St. Louis Iron Workers Local 396 Attorneys Cases

$2,000,000 Settlement

For an ironworker who was injured on a job site when the crane he was riding fell to the ground.

$1,000,000 Settlement

For an ironworker whose leg was injured when a train struck a bridge on which he was working.

$660,000 Judgment

For an ironworker injured during rehab as a result of nursing malpractice. The verdict occurred in the City of St. Louis.

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Godfrey P. Padberg Ironworkers’ Scholarship

The ironworkers have given the attorneys at Padberg Appelbaum Knepper the privilege of representing them for more than 50 years. After the passing of Godfrey Padberg, we established the Godfrey P. Padberg Ironworkers’ Scholarship to honor him and his relationship with the iron workers.

Each year we award one $10,000 scholarship to a son or daughter of a Local 396 member to aid in furthering his or her education. Since its inception in 2003, a total of $220,000 in scholarships have been awarded to the following recipients:

  • 2024: This Could Be You!
  • 2023: Chase Schnaath, son of Nathan AND Alexis “Lexi” Parrino, daughter of Paul and Julie
  • 2022: Charles Walsh, son of Dan and Jodi
  • 2021: Abby Stowers, daughter of Phillip and Amy
  • 2020: Garrett Heibeck, son of Jeffery & Rene Heibeck
  • 2019: Rhiannon Landing-Fultz, daughter of Joe & Vickie
  • 2018: Nicholas Anthony Howard, son of Michael and Pam
  • 2017: Anna Fredericks, daughter of Mark and Kelly
  • 2016: Mikayla C. Faulkner, daughter of Carlton and Christine
  • 2015: Shawn Williamson, daughter of Shawn and Cynthia
  • 2014: Shannon Heibeck, daughter of Gregory and Jeanene
  • 2013: Elizabeth Ann Penfold, daughter of Mary and Jay
  • 2012: Hanna Runyon, daughter of R.J. and Trish
  • 2011: Brooke Williams, daughter of Richard and Kathleen
  • 2010: Michael Butera, son of Robyn and Brian
  • 2009: Kate Heisler, daughter of Irene and Tom
  • 2008: Jessica Wade, daughter of Mary and James
  • 2007: Jon Watson, son of Beth and Robert
  • 2006: Karen Kitowski, daughter of Bonnie and Emil
  • 2005: Megan Stock, daughter of Jenell and Paul
  • 2004: Kimberly Happe, daughter of John and Susan
  • 2003: Alexis AuBuchon, daughter of Robert and Pamela

The quality of candidates that apply each year is impressive, and selecting only one winner is one of the most difficult, yet gratifying things we do! To apply for the $10,000 Godfrey P. Padberg Ironworkers’ Scholarship, children of a Local 396 member can submit an application along with an essay setting forth the applicants’ needs and merits for the award.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Guidelines

Who is eligible to apply for the Godfrey P. Padberg Ironworkers’ Scholarship?

  • This scholarship is available to sons or daughters (whether, natural, adopted or stepchild) of a member in good standing of Iron Workers Local 396. The scholarship is also available to sons or daughters (whether, natural, adopted or stepchild) of a deceased member of Local 396.
  • The applicant must be a high school senior, college freshman, college sophomore or college junior when applying for a scholarship.
  • An applicant must either rank in the top half of their graduating class in high school or, if applying while in college, an applicant must rank in the top half of their class in the year immediately preceding the application.

Does the parent need to be in good standing?

Yes. The parent, adoptive parent or step parent of an applicant must be a member in good standing of Iron Workers Local 396 on the date of application. If the parent, adoptive parent or step parent is deceased, he or she must have been a member in good standing at the time of death.

What are the selection criteria?

  • Academic standing of the student during the four years in high school;
  • College entrance exam scores;
  • Extra curricular activities and leadership;
  • Character references;
  • Personal interviews, if requested by the selection committee;
  • Academic performance in college if the applicant is in college at the time of application. 

When is the application deadline?

Applicants shall submit a completed application between January 1 and May 15, unless otherwise specified by the selection committee.

Is the applicant required to attend a specific school?

A scholarship winner may attend any accredited college or university of his or her choice in the United States and must be enrolled in a full-time program leading toward a degree.

Is the scholarship continuous or one-time funding?

Scholarships will be awarded for one year. A scholarship winner may not reapply within one year of winning a scholarship. Siblings of scholarship winners are eligible to apply.

How can the recipient use the funds?

Scholarships are to provide funding only for tuition, books and supplies. When and if possible, the scholarship will be made payable directly to the college or university of the winner.

Who makes up the selection committee?

The selection committee is comprised of Jim LaMantia, Matthew Padberg, Theresa Appelbaum and Nicole Knepper.

When and how is the scholarship winner announced?

The selection committee determines a winner no later than June 30 of the year in which the scholarship will be awarded. The recipient will be notified via phone call and letter from a member of the selection committee. All other applicants will also receive a letter and are encouraged to apply again the following year.

If the scholarship winner does not attend school, can he or she defer payment?

If the scholarship winner is unable to attend school due to illness, military service or other unforeseen circumstances, the selection committee may award the scholarship to the first alternative, which will be named and selected at the time the selection committee awards the scholarship winner.

For more information about the Godfrey P. Padberg Ironworkers’ Scholarship, please call Gina at (314) 621-2900 or email