Formerly Padberg, Corrigan & Appelbaum

Recent Settlements

  • Recovered a combined $2.3 million in Missouri Tort Victim Fund Settlements for clients who were injured by another party that had no or inadequate insurance.
  • Recovered a policy limits settlement for a one-year-old who sustained head injuries at a private daycare.
  • For a worker who sustained back injuries when a large concrete pumping machine malfunctioned on a construction site.
  • For a truck driver and his passenger who suffered injuries after being hit by another semi-tractor trailer.
  • For a tractor-trailer driver and his passenger who were hit head-on by another tractor-trailer that crossed the highway median. Our clients suffered injuries to their necks and backs.
  • For a barge deck hand who sustained injuries while working on a barge in St. Louis. This case was filed under the Federal Jones Act.
  • A woman who sustained rib and facial fractures during an auto collision. She suffered from a stroke nine days after the accident.
  • A resident of a habilitation center in Missouri who was physically abused by a staff member.
  • A man who required surgery after injuring both hands. He later developed anxiety and depression due to continued difficulty to use his hands.
  • A man who sustained a back injury and required surgery. Poor surgery results caused him to have trouble walking.
  • An Amazon employee who fell off a ladder.
  • A motorcycle driver and his passenger who were side-swiped by a vehicle.
  • A person who sustained a traumatic finger amputation while at work.
  • A person who sustained injuries in an auto collision with a USPS vehicle. The claim was filed under Federal Torts Claim Act against the USPS and the defendant ’s private auto insurance.
  • A woman who injured her knee by slipping on black ice at her apartment complex
  • Through the Missouri Tort Victims’ Compensation Fund for 20 clients who were injured and previously unable to collect full compensation because the party at fault did not have adequate insurance.
  • A construction worker who suffered significant and long-term spinal injuries after a large piece of equipment fell over the side of a flatbed truck owned and operated by the defendant (arbitration award)
  • A women who was bit by a dog while inspecting premises on behalf of the State of Missouri.