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St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle accidents and collisions involving a golf cart, side by side or all-terrain vehicle (ATV), can be devastating for all involved parties. Sport utility and off-road vehicles can be fun when operated safely. However, motorbikes and ATVs have several features that can contribute to a safety hazard: from high-speed capabilities and high rollover risk to limited or nonexistent safety restraints, and minimal protection from the elements.

Anyone who has been involved in an ATV accident or motorcycle crash can suffer serious injuries, including:

  • Road burns or “road rash”
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Head and neck injury
  • Permanent partial or total disability
  • Wrongful Death

Emotions run high when you may need to bring legal action against a relative, a friend or parents of your child’s friend. The process of filing a claim for a motorcycle or ATV accident will likely also involve insurance companies who may wrongfully deny a claim, or offer a rushed settlement in order to compel you to accept a lesser payment. For the these reasons, it is critically important to schedule a complimentary consultation with our experienced St. Louis motorcycle accident attorneys to discuss the details of your case.

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Notable St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Cases

$3,530,000 Settlement

For a couple severely injured when a vehicle pulling a 25-foot-long trailer made a dangerous U-turn in front of their motorcycle on Interstate 90 in McCook County, South Dakota. The couple was traveling to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary when the collision caused them to be ejected from their motorcycle and suffer extensive injuries. Both husband and wife have undergone multiple surgeries and physical therapy, including treatment for a traumatic brain injury as a result of the motorcycle accident.

$600,000 Settlement

For children whose dad was in a fatal motorcycle crash.

$550,000 Settlement

For a woman who sustained serious injuries while riding a motorcycle that flipped. The injuries required a permanent rod to be placed in her back.

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FAQs: Questions to ask a motorcycle accident attorney

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How can a motorcycle accident attorney help me?

You may be considering a St. Louis personal injury attorney if you or a loved one were involved in a collision in a motorcycle, golf cart or ATV — or if your insurance company has denied a claim for damages caused by the accident. These claims are often denied because of a policy’s coverage exclusions, but there is a possibility the insurance company has acted in bad faith by failing to cover a claim. This is something an experienced attorney can help you with.

In order to navigate policy language regarding coverage and exclusions, knowledge of insurance law is necessary.

Insurance coverage is very complicated when a motorcycle accident or ATV crash has resulted in significant physical damages or property damage. If the incident occurred off road or on private property, it typically corresponds to a homeowner’s insurance policy. If the accident was on a public roadway, it will likely correspond to an auto insurance policy and would be excluded from homeowner’s coverage.

An experienced St. Louis motorcycle collision lawyer will evaluate the details of your case to identify all relevant parties.

What if I was in an ATV or motorcycle crash and did not wear a helmet?

You can pursue legal action for a motorcycle, golf cart or ATV collision even if you were not wearing a helmet, or if the accident was partially your fault.

Wearing a helmet and protective gear is always recommended when riding a motorcycle or operating an ATV. However, helmets are not required for motorcyclists in Illinois, and helmets are optional for bikers of age 26 and older in Missouri, with proof of medical insurance and financial responsibility. State law and other statutory codes regarding safe operation of an ATV do not apply to an individual’s private property.

Who is liable for an ATV accident on private property?

ATV crashes happen suddenly and can be life-altering. Although several different factors can cause an accident, they are typically the result of negligence. In a personal injury lawsuit, negligence falls into these legal categories:

  • Negligent Entrustment of a minor child or teenager
  • Negligent Maintenance of the vehicle
  • Negligent Supervision while the vehicle was in use

There could also be comparative negligence, where both parties are found to have contributed to the cause of  a crash. An experienced St. Louis ATV accident attorney will evaluate the details of your case to determine who may be at fault.

Read more about liability for ATV accidents on private property.

Can I file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of a minor?

In Missouri and Illinois, anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor and cannot pursue their own claim for damages resulting from an off-road accident or ATV collision. Instead, a parent or legal guardian will pursue a claim on behalf of the minor child as guardian ad litem, or “next friend.”

Read more about filing a personal injury claim for a minor child or teenager.

Is there a time limit to file a claim after a motorcycle accident or off-road collision?

Generally, a claim must be filed within two years from the date of the  motorcycle accident, ATV crash or golf cart collision. This is the statute of limitations, or time limit, in both Missouri and Illinois. There may be exceptions to this deadline which depend on the specific circumstances of your case.

In order to receive the professional legal advice you need after a serious accident, and to avoid missing the deadline to file a claim, schedule a complimentary consultation with our team of top motorcycle accident attorneys in St. Louis.

How much does it cost to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer?

At the personal injury law firm of Padberg Appelbaum Knepper in St. Louis, our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means clients pay nothing up front and will only pay fees and reimbursement of expenses if benefits are successfully recovered.