Formerly Padberg, Corrigan & Appelbaum

Workers’ Compensation Cases

$550,000 Settlement

For a 52-year-old machinist who was found to be permanently and totally disabled after he was struck in the head by a board. The man sustained a traumatic brain injury which caused two neck surgeries, one of which was a fusion. Resulting nerve damage included carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome, which required surgery on both wrists and an elbow. As a result of the accident, the client also suffers from headaches, depression, persistent ringing in the ears, and the loss of taste and smell.

$350,000 Settlement

For a St. Louis County man who sustained several orthopedic injuries in a work accident, rendering him permanently and totally disabled.

$237,000 Settlement

For a workers’ compensation claim.

$180,000 Settlement

In a workers’ compensation claim for hand and back injuries.

$150,000 Settlement

For a man who was permanently and totally disabled from work-related back injuries.

$65,000 Settlement

For a St. Genevieve, Missouri man who injured his back at work, resulting in back surgery.